A full-fledged campus information system allows Hsiuping University of Science and Technology to face the global challenges in the 21st century.

The Office of Information Technology has completed a number of major projectsfor the integration of campus information systems in supporting administrative tasks; for example, computerizing the offices of Administrative Affairs, Student Affairs, General Affairs, Budget and Accounting, Personnel, Evening Division, and Affiliate Institute and Junior College. The Center has also installed a high-speed intranet system around the campus. With 46 modem lines and a new gigabit fiber-optic network to the internet, faculty and students can now undertake a number of research and learning activities, including on-line information retrieval, e-learning activities, VOD, and personal-grouping information system (HUST.PIS). Moreover, the Center has finished constructing the campus wireless network. All Hsiuping users now can enjoy wireless internet services with freedom and mobility all over the campus.

In the near future, the Center will establish an institution-wide network management system to carry out the latest QoS and to complete the campus audio-visual playback and visual network monitoring system, a digital electronic teaching system, a distance learning system, and VOIP. The Center will also renew the administrative server and the database management system. In addition, the Center will analyze, plan, and set up the transferring structure of administrative affairs and the computerization system homepages. A full-fledged campus information system allows Hsiuping University of Science and Technology to ace the global challenges in the 21st century.


The Computer Center was established to charge in computer course planning. This year, the center bought a POINT-4 mini computer to connect to 24 terminals for computer course use.


The center bought a Data General MV/7800 - XP mini computer, and connect to 16 Chinese/English terminals to each administration office.


The center used RG-11 coaxial cables for campus network backbone. In October, we rented from Telephone Exchange a 64Kbps dedicated line for teachers/students research.


The center upgraded the network bandwidth, a T1 dedicated line instead of 64Kbps line, to support network high speed rate.


Rented 46 64Kbps dial-up lines.


Hsiu Ping Institute of Technology was removed to Taichung county Ta-Li city. The center was removed to Shu-Te building floor 2 and 3


In Taiwan, HUST Computer Center is the first one to print student ID card real time. While a freshman finishing the register procedures, we print the card and write data to RFID chip in card. There are many applications for the student ID card, such as door control, student information survey (Kiosk)...etc.